Hi there! My name is Yadid, and I am an animator, storyteller, and filmmaker currently pursuing an MFA in Animation at DePaul University. I graduated from Northwestern University in June 2018, majoring in Radio/Television/Film, with a concentration in media arts and game design. I enjoy designing characters and backgrounds, drawing comics and storyboards, and creating movements through animation. I hope that through my art, I can make people happy and bring them laughter while also bringing up issues and values I find important. I hope you enjoy looking through my work!



The pilot episode for an original animated web series. A film about a Mormon missionary who discovers that God is a giant pigeon. A ~fragmented~ animation project about a Coconut and Pineapple. Check out my latest animation projects here.



A storyboard about a surprisingly active cat. A *work in progress* graphic novel about indoor and outdoor kids. And a short cartoon about two guys waiting in line at the Apple store. These few examples give you a taste of the many comics and cartoons I've drawn over the years.


Northwestern's first ever student-hosted late night talk show. An award-winning short film. A quirky Rom-Com. Here are some projects that I've had the honor to contribute to in the last several years.

I've been in the news! Here are some articles about CatToonz, the student animation production group I co-founded my senior year at Northwestern!